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Автор: Админ

20 Января 2010

JM Topaz - Шаблон для Magento

Шаблон для Magento от JoomlArt.com

JM Topaz - Шаблон для Magento

Позиции модулей для Topaz Magento от JoomlArt.com

Should you find an affordable and neat Magento shopping or online store related templates, our JM Topaz can help to opt for your site at a high quality design that you won't be able to turn down.

JM Topaz well define a neat and professional looking, even to each minor element on the stores like small text colors and lines in sub-pages. Making such essential design feature more applicable widespread, we bring lots of cutting-edge functional enhancement via a range of built-in extensions developed by JoomlArt like JM Product List, JM Slideshow, JM Product Slider and JM Rss. Those single modules contain standard XML tags to specify custom layouts for the product listing and content presentation that appears on store pages.

To date, even though just 4 Magento template concepts come available on JoomlArt, you still have quite a large space to play around and make the best custom design for your site, either using JM Purity, JM Mesolite, JM Tube or our latest design JM Topaz. Get our Shopping templates today!.

Демо: http://magento-themes.joomlart.com/jm_topaz/
В архиве: Шаблон (Template) | Быстрый старт Magento (QuickStart) | Расширения (Extensions)
Совместимость: Совместимость Joomla 1.5 Native
Размер: 27.8 Mb

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